To ensure you get an answer to your question quickly, please review the information below to help decide if your inquiry can best be answered by your local YMCA or the national office of YMCA Canada.

You can also review our FAQs or conduct a search to find more information.

When to contact your local YMCA

Each YMCA in Canada is an autonomous charitable organization, responsible for its operations. If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the following, please contact your local YMCA:

  • Customer service issues at your local YMCA
  • Your local YMCA's programs, services, and schedules
  • Canceling your membership
  • Program fees and payments
  • Donations to your local YMCA
  • Career and volunteer opportunities at your local YMCA
  • Sponsorship and partnership opportunities in your community
  • Event and space rentals
  • Other inquiries around the work of your local YMCA

When to contact YMCA Canada's National Office

The national office of YMCA Canada supports the work of the independent YMCA Member Associations that make up the YMCA Federation in Canada. As each YMCA is responsible for its own operations, it is generally best to reach out to your local YMCA for most inquiries.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or comments about any of the following:

  • National initiatives and campaigns
  • National partnerships and sponsorship opportunities
  • Our global partnerships and work
  • Any other inquiries related to the national work of the YMCA in Canada

Contact YMCA Canada

Mailing address:
YMCA Canada
1 Richmond Street West, Suite 600
Toronto, ON M5H 3W4
Phone: 416-967-9622