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Annual Reports

The YMCA Canada Annual Report provides a brief snapshot of some of the work we’re doing across the country together with our Member Associations. Our Annual Report highlights specific stories of how YMCAs across Canada have impacted the lives of Canadians and their communities.


2020 YMCA Canada Annual Report

Since first coming to Canada in 1851, the YMCA has survived some of the greatest challenges to ever face our nation, including World Wars, natural disasters, economic crises, and much more. Through it all, the heart of the YMCA has never changed.

Read more about how the YMCA has endured throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in our 2020 YMCA Canada Annual Report.

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Financial Statements

YMCA Canada is an accredited member of Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and we are committed to financial accountability and transparency. We value the confidence the public places in us as a charitable organization and post our audited statements on an annual basis.

Audited Financial Statements

Canada Revenue Agency T3010

YMCA Canada’s Registered Charity Information Return

Disclosure of Payments to Board Directors

From time to time, YMCA Canada purchases goods and/or professional services from board members or companies in which a board member is an owner, partner, or senior manager. These transactions are in the normal course of operations and are measured at the exchange amount, which is the amount of consideration established and agreed to by the related parties and, which, in management’s opinion, is comparable to the amounts that would have been paid to non-related parties. These transactions are subject to a regular review process.

In 2020, these transactions amounted to $8,475 and $5,565 representing consulting fees paid to MNP Ltd and BDO Canada LLP, respectively.