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The cover page for Reimagine Playbook 2022. Text: BIPOC Rights, Climate Change, Gender-Based Violence, Healthcare Equity. Image: young people standing and holding hands. UNICEF Canada logo in the bottom right corner

November 2022

UNICEF Canada, in collaboration with BGC Canada, Equitas, International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Save the Children Canada, The Students Commission of Canada, and YMCA Canada, launched the 'Reimagine Playbook 2022' at the Youth Activism Summit which took place on November 14 ahead of National Child Day.

This playbook represents the work of youth advocates who came together throughout 2022 to learn and share knowledge and skills about their human rights and how to advocate for them.

In this year’s Reimagine Playbook, youth not only discuss the future they wish to see in Canada, but also the dreams they wish to see in the world. With their diverse voices, they share recommendations and experiences with fellow youth, adult partners, and decision-makers to express our concerns.

Young people identified four interconnected issues that unite them in their passion for shaping a better country and a reimagined world: Black Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Rights, Climate Change, Gender-Based Violence, and Healthcare Equity. 

As partner organizations, we collectively acknowledged that the Reimagine Playbook is an important tool for elevating diverse youth voices on a national scale. And the calls to action articulated herein represent a tremendous opportunity for impact. When young people speak, we need to listen. We all need to listen. Then we need to act. We all need to act – and we need to do it together.

United we can drive the change needed to make Canada the best place in the world for children and youth to grow up and thrive - as the leaders of today and tomorrow.

The full report is found here: Read Reimagine Playbook 2022.