Text: Black History Month. Image: the text is surrounded by the colours of green, yellow, and red.

February 2024

The YMCA is committed to fostering an environment where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. This month, and every month, we reaffirm our dedication to promoting Black inclusion within our communities and beyond. 

Through our programs, initiatives, and partnerships, we strive to honour the legacy of Black leaders and innovators by amplifying Black voices and celebrating their achievements, while remembering that Black inclusion requires an ongoing commitment and action.

This year, the theme of Black History Month 2024 is Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build. From the unyielding resolve of trailblazing leaders who defied systemic barriers to the artists who turned their creativity into a powerful form of protest, the legacy of Black Excellence is a testament to the enduring spirit of resistance. 

At the YMCA, we understand that celebrating Black excellence must be accompanied by confronting anti-Black racism all year round. We reaffirm our commitment to being accountable to Black communities. This month, we are taking the opportunity to highlight ongoing initiatives to dismantle anti-Blackness and to promote Black inclusion, while amplifying the voices of Black leaders.

Let us celebrate Black History Month by embracing the rich tapestry of Black culture, heritage, and achievements. May we be inspired to continue the work of building a more just, equitable, and inclusive society for all.