At YMCA Canada, we’re committed to building healthy communities and this includes our digital communities. Our aim is to provide a forum for healthy online discussion and feedback where everyone feels safe, welcome, and included.

We ask that you follow these rules when interacting with YMCA Canada in an online setting. In addition to these rules, we encourage you to review the policies of the digital platforms you use, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Please note: we reserve the right to remove posts or block users in violation of these rules without prior notification.

Be courteous

Treat others with respect and help us keep our online spaces inclusive and safe. Abuse, profanity, threats, harassment, and defamatory or sexualized language will not be tolerated.

Be responsible with photos and videos

To create safe spaces and to protect the privacy of our members and participants, we restrict photography and video recording in certain areas of our buildings. Always check with your local YMCA about their policy. Please note that the use of cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited in all YMCA change rooms.

We assume that anyone sharing this user-generated content has the right to do so and has the permission of the photographed/videotaped individuals. Please do not post images you do not have permission to post, including photos of children without the permission of a parent or guardian.

Be transparent

If you’re a staff member, volunteer, donor, member, participant, partner, sponsor, etc. and are posting or commenting about the YMCA, let others know about your connection with us.

Be honest and lawful

Respect intellectual property rights and only post or share content such as photos, videos, and text that you have the right to use. Please don’t post false, misleading, or deceptive information. Don’t post about or encourage illegal activities.

Protect privacy

Please do not share personal information about yourself or others, including our staff, volunteers, donors, or other members and participants. Read more about YMCA Canada’s privacy policy.

Stay on topic

Our channels provide users with the opportunity to share comments and feedback about the YMCA. Spam, promotional, commercial, or other messages deemed to be off-topic may be removed at our discretion.

For more information about these rules or other inquiries, please contact us.