Confidence starts here: James’ story


“It feels like I can reach for the stars.” 

That’s what 10 year old James says today.
Not long ago, he felt differently.

James was struggling at school, being bullied, and having a hard time making friends.

Then he discovered YMCA day camp – and his mom Erin says after James’ first day, he came back a different kid.

“Everyone is so encouraging. It’s so much fun. The counsellors make me feel like I can do anything. They teach me how to solve problems with fun activities. And that helped me make some great friends.”

Now, James wants to be involved in anything and everything. He has confidence and Erin says it’s the YMCA camp that made him be who he is today: “I’m so proud of him. I know it sounds cliché, but honestly, camp changed his life. It changed our lives.”