I love what I’ve gained!

YMCA of Central East Ontario


Approaching her 26th birthday, Tiffany was 80 pounds overweight and described herself as “unhappy, unhealthy, and destined to continue to gain more and more weight. I knew I had to make serious changes in my life.”

Tiffany turned to the YMCA. “The compassion the YMCA shows with their member assistance program allowed me to affordably be able to access everything I needed to make the changes both inside and outside of the walls of the YMCA,” she says. “I am forever grateful for this. My two children and I had memberships to the YMCA. I instantly was in love with this community. The Y gave my children a chance at a healthy lifestyle, something I wasn’t currently providing.”


At 250 pounds, Tiffany began using the facilities at the YMCA along with eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet. “The environment was never intimidating,” she says. “I always felt welcomed by staff, was greeted with smiles and conversation and the other gym goers were positive and non-judgmental. That environment was exactly what I needed to keep going.”

Eventually, she was at the Y almost daily. “My children were watching me, idolizing me and taking in the changes I was making. YMCA staff was noticing changes and encouraged me along my journey, complimenting my commitment and hard work.”

By her 27th birthday, Tiffany had lost 90 pounds. “More than what I have lost, though, is what I have gained,” she says. “I have gained self-confidence, health, a new lifestyle, and most importantly I gained the example I am setting for my children to improve their lives for years to come.”