Accomplishment starts here: Eric’s story



Resiliency and perseverance.
Eric knows something about both.

In 2010, Eric was working at the YMCA as a fitness trainer, supporting members. He also achieved a goal he had worked towards for years - earning a spot on the Canadian national rowing team!

Shortly after making the team, he suffered a serious rib injury. Eric worried that he didn’t have the mental and physical strength to recover and continue training. But he thought about the members and staff he worked with at the Y – they inspired and taught him about overcoming pain and mental toughness.

With their support, he focused on his goals and pushed past his physical limitations to overcome his fears. His YMCA community cheered him on.

The support paid off when Eric and his rowing crew won gold at the 2015 Pan Am games. He went on to race at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Eric says “the lessons I learned and the support I got at the YMCA helped me accomplish everything I have today - and will achieve tomorrow.”